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    Clash 400ml High Precision

    Clash 400ml High Precision

    Ike’s Tug & Supply is proud to announce Clash High Precision spray paint is back in the USA! - $5.95

    Clash is manufactured in Italy as a high quality, acrylic enamel spray paint. It works on every surface allowing for both precise skinny detailing as well as fat lines and flares. Clash is a throwback to the golden era of graffiti, combining the juicy coverage of Rustoleum but with the controlled spray of classic Krylon. Every color is brilliant, CFC-free, UV resistant, and highly lightfast. This satin paint covers wet chrome on one pass and its capacity to work in extreme temperatures provides reliability for use on any surface and circumstance.

    This is the perfect tool for Graffiti and Street Art, an all around workhorse can. The 140 color range includes a range of classic satin opaque colors, fluorescent colors, effect colors as well as two clear coat finishes and a cleaning solvent.

    Color Chart Note — Use this color chart as an approximation of the real color. Actual colors may vary from the color on screen due to differences in monitor color calibration.