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    Clash 600ml "Tyson" Extra Pressure

    Clash 600ml "Tyson" Extra Pressure

    Ike's Tug & Supply is proud to announce Clash High Precision spray paint is back in the USA!  - $7.95

    The perfect spray paint from Clash in a heavyweight format! If you want speed and coverage with Clash 400 ml compatibility, then Tyson is for you. Available in 8 brilliant satin finish colors including Silver Bling. With an extraordinarily brilliant and beautiful finish, Silver Bling is absolutely built to last for optimal performance in cold climates. Absolutely waterproof, it can also be covered by every Clash 400 ml spray paint immediately.

    Included with each can is a Clash yellow fat cap. Tyson is compatible with most all graffiti caps (sold separately).

    Color Chart Note — Use this color chart as an approximation of the real color. If exact color matching is necessary, use actual samples of the materials.

    *Actual colors may vary from the color on screen due to differences in monitor color calibration.